Guthrie's Naturals is a family business that works closely with the Dadant & Sons, Frankfort KY location. I (Clay Guthrie) am the branch manager of the Dadant Frankfort location.

Dadant & Sons has been servicing the beekeeping industry for over 150 years. They are a family business that has manufactured and developed the equipment that beekeepers have come to depend on to keep their bees healthy and thriving. Not only is Dadant a leader in the beekeeping industry, they manufacture some of the finest religious and decorative, beeswax candles as well as a variety of other types of candles.

Guthries Naturals works closely with Dadant by servicing their customers and beekeepers in areas such as Southern Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, & Tennessee (and sometimes other states) by providing honeybee stock like: queens, package bees, nucs, & established colonies of honeybees.

We are "actual beekeepers" and love to "field test" Dadant products so we can give our customers "real" feedback from "real" beekeeping experiences and not just "theory or opinions" that where read from a book.

When beekeepers purchase their equipment from Dadant, we are able to provide them options for getting their live honey bees. Our goal is to help make Dadant a "ONE STOP SHOP" for beekeepers. A place for bee supplies, education, an

Other services we are beginning to provide in partnership with Dadant is educational classes. i have kept bees seriously for 8-9 years. During that time the income the bees and honey have provided has been beneficial for our family "extras", such as helping put a set of unexpected braces on our children or enjoying a nice family vacation without worrying about breaking our budget. I began to pay close attention to what works and what doesn't work with our bees. We not only want to keep them healthy and happy but we want it to be profitable yet sustainable. Sometimes learning from our failures has been the best education we could receive. But also listening and learning from other peoples mistakes have proven to be a better way of learning. :) Working with Dadant has given me the opportunity to talk with and spend time with some of the best beekeepers in the Eastern United States. We have taken our successes and failures and the successes and failures of others and have not only learned from them in theory but have tested and proven ways not to make that mistake again and have discovered ways to correct the mistakes before too much damage was done to our colonies.

Having a background in public speaking and communication, I have taken the principles learned and have turned them into presentations that hopefully anyone can understand at any level of beekeeping experience. I have had the opportunity to speak at various beekeepers meetings (big and small). We have hosted our own one day seminars providing hand out booklets and power point presentations that could be emailed to attendees or to groups for further study and discussion.

If you have any questions about our ever changing line of products and services or if you are interested in booking Clay as a speaker or having Dadant and Sons attend your group, I can be reached at the Dadant office 502-848-0000 or you can email me at clay@clayguthrie.com

​We also produce, broker, and sell some of the finest honey available, as well as other bee related and natural hive products.

The Guthrie Family
Emma, Skyler, Clay & Kim